Remote Physiologic
Monitoring Solution

A fully integrated platform developed to empower professionals and organizations to provide custom digital health solutions


Your Complete RPM Solution

Whether you are a physician, personal trainer, health coach, researcher or simply looking to monitor
the health of your clients or patients, our RPM programs are an ideal way
to get started
in the world of Remote Physiologic Monitoring.

Each package will allow you to monitor vital biometrics, sleep, and the overall physiological adaptation
of those wearing the Biostrap.

The clinically reliable and rich data provided through a HIPAA-compliant dashboard will
enable you to apply a data-driven approach
and tailor your protocols to each individual.
Plus, advise, manage, and empower your clients or patients to
optimize their overall health and well-being.




Getting Started Is Simple!

Select Your Package

Our packages are priced based on how many biosensors
you need


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What Data Will You Have Access To?

The Biostrap wrist-worn device utilizes high-quality sensors and data processing techniques
to provide clinically reliable health and performance data, including:

Vitals: Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Rate
Advanced Arterial Health Metrics
Comprehensive Activity Tracking*
Comprehensive Sleep Analysis
Scoring Algorithms (0-100)
Custom Surveys

*To track active heart rate, train by exercise zones and measure accurate caloric expenditure,
choose one of our heart rate monitors — armband or chest strap — as an add-on option.