Biostrap Platform for Enterprise

A comprehensive health monitoring platform for researchers and businesses.

A comprehensive health monitoring platform
for everyone.

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Recover Set

Excellent for sleep and recovery.

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Move Set

Great for sleep, recovery and movement tracking.

Starts from $499

Active Set

Great for sleep, recovery and exercise tracking.

Starts from $599

Customer Reviews

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"As a physician who monitors biometric data in my clients, I find the Biostrap to be my recommended device. Several reasons for this and I recently wore both the Biostrap and Fitbit for 14 days to compare results and check against my medical measurements in office."

Dr. Daniel Stickler
Co-Founder of The Apeiron Center for Human Potential

"Biostrap’s ability to remotely monitor my health from anywhere is a huge piece of the puzzle in giving us a chance at accomplishing what we believe may be endurance sports history."

James "Iron Cowboy" Lawrence
Guinness World Record Holder, Author, and Speaker

“Biostrap has really just helped me see what components I can tweak in my lifestyle that really do make a major impact on my sleep status.”

Kayla OsterHoff, MPH, PhDc
Founder of BioCurious Podcast